High-performance Lithium ion batteries powering e-mobility and stationary storage

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Lohum Lithium-ion Batteries
Key Battery Features

Our modular lithium ion battery packs deliver uninterrupted, efficient power to electric vehicles and stationary storage.

Designed for high temperature, high vibration operating environments, Lohum lithium-ion batteries make for exceptional longevity, consistently stable performance and dedicated power after every recharge.

  • Proprietary design & fabrication in India
  • Highest software protocols for battery safety & thermal management
  • Proprietary cell testing & database to maximize product options & sustainability
  • Multiple chemistries & form factors
  • ICAT government certified
  • ISO 14001 and 18001 certified
Our batteries move the world

Battery Design & Technology

Lohum’s scalable platform design gives you the freedom to choose a Li-ion battery for your specific application.

Major components of our battery packs are:

  • Battery Cells
  • Battery Status Indicators (SOC & SOH)
  • Scalable modules that provide a flexible approach for customized battery designs
  • Safety Controls to detect and intuitively purge over or under voltage, overcharge and short circuit
  • Thermal Management Diagnostics to control heat transfer and keep the pack at optimum temperatures
  • Passive Cell Balancing to eliminate the risk of Electric Current Proliferation
  • Live, Remote Tracking, Geo-Fencing & Immobilization Functionality
  • Proprietary BMS with flexible architecture.
From e-mobility to stationary storage
Our Lithium ion Battery Applications

2 Wheeler

Lohum’s eco-friendly range of 2 wheeler batteries makes e-mobility more affordable and accessible to common people. Our scalable battery solutions are preferred by manufacturers of E-bikes and scooters in a range of 1-3 kWh.

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3 Wheeler

Lohum 3-wheelers batteries are technologically advanced EV batteries that deliver cleaner power in tough working conditions. You can use this control key for you to get more descriptive information around online casino live. Equally suitable for cargo and passenger 3-wheelers, our batteries are available in a range of 2.5-10 kWh

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Stationary Storage

Lohum offers lithium-based Energy Storage Solutions ranging from 48V up to 768V. Our stationary storage solutions with customized modular batteries are ideal for customers with specific requirements such as for telecom & ESS.

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Why Choose us

Commitment to Quality

We employ an exhaustive testing and QA process to ensure the highest performing batteries.

Customized Designs

Our technology & integrated processes deliver customized battery packs tailored to specific requirements.

Service Network

Presence of over 50+ service centers providing 24/7 support with trained service engineers.

Battery Buy Back

Our battery buy-back is to reduce the overall battery cost & ensure regulatory compliance.

Lohum lithium-ion batteries are already powering more than 2000 scooters in around 75 villages in the Indian states of UP, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.