May 8, 2020

Cleaner Air During Lockdown Gives Electric Vehicle Makers New Hope

Original article published in The Quint

The national lockdown to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic has some beneficial side effects when it comes to pollution. The air in most of India’s cities is visibly cleaner to the extent that some people even posted pictures of being able to view distant mountain ranges from cities in the plains.

The reduction in pollution in this period has been measured by the Centre for Research on Energy & Clean Air (CREA). It shows a drop in the average PM 2.5 levels to below 20 from 35 and above in previous years.

The overall PM 2.5 levels in India dropped to below 20 from an average of 35 and above in the previous years. Source: CREA

This improvement in air quality has prompted electric vehicle makers and associated clean-technology suppliers like battery makers to push for faster adoption of electric vehicles once lockdown lifts.