Lohum’s Stationary Storage technology provides intelligent electricity solutions for multitude of applications

Telecom Solutions

Lohum’s 48V (LFP Battery) is an ingenious product, developed independently by Lohum. This can be used option for you to get more descriptive information relating to online live casino deutschland. It delivers numerous advantages in power backing-up areas for all storage applications

  • 19 inches’ standard rack mountable design
  • Multiple modules up to 48V / 1500AH can be paralleled
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Small Cell / Wi-Fi Solutions

Lohum’s Small Cell/ Wi-Fi solution is intelligently developed to provide a large array of features in one of the most compact sizes around.

Main Features

  • SMPS Power Plant up to 1-6KW
  • Inverter 1 KVA to 2 KVA
  • Lithium battery 10AH-50AH with Smart BMS controller
  • Modular design
  • Energy metering for individual Operators
  • Custom built AC Distribution & DC Distribution
  • Remote Monitoring and Control on RS-485
  • 3U / 4Uspace provisioning for Telecom equipment


  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Wireless Applications
  • Smart City Applications
  • Data communication
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Energy Storage Solution

Energy storage is regarded as an essential component of makinga power grid more reliable and more flexible, and can be achieved through different measures like time shifting, load levelling, smoothing wind/solar output, regulating the frequency etc.

Energy storage has gained critical importance as a lifeline to diverse applications including firming renewable production, stabilizing the electrical grid, gensets mitigation, micro-grid/mini-grid application, data centre / UPS application, cold storage application etc.

Lohum stationary storage technology relies on long-cycle life and excellent LiFePO4 lithium battery technology, advanced battery pack technology and intelligent battery management system technology which offer a wide variety of solutions from large-scale energy storage system solution (MW ESS) to home energy storage system solution (HESS, tens of kilowatts)

Lohum offers Lithium based Energy Storage Solutions for the following applications:

  • Micro Grid
  • Mini Grid
  • UPS / Data Centre
  • Peak shaving
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Renewable smoothening
  • Diesel mitigation / replacement
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